My beautiful Georgia

I haven't had a chance to post anything in a recent, and now I finally got tablet that supports everything I need. so here it is throwback to my adventurous summer. I decided to benefit all my travelling and post bit by bit my 'perception' of each country I visited. In July, I had a chance to visit Georgia, which is a very charming country, very hospitable nation, great cuisine (don't forget the wine!), beautiful architecture and tons of other features I love about this country. It seemed to me Tbilisi, which is a capital city, echoed with a very jazzy vibe. Long story short, today I'd like to post a scenario from a place, called Jvari. It is an Orthodox monastery, which was built in ...5th..6th century? Forgive me if I'm wrong! Georgia has so many ancient Orthodox monasteries that my head couldn't stuff everything at once! Anyways, today this is my highlight memory of Georgia. Christianity was firstly brought to Georgia in 1st century, despite being located in the area that more likely possesses to Islam.

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